Dozen Picks (12+2 Drink Tickets)


Set of 12 drink picks – With 2 extra for free!!

Use our unique guitar picks as drink tickets to get refilled at Bauhaus bar (you can also use them to play the guitar if you want…).

The regular set sold at Bauhaus includes 12 picks, with a value of 9600 yen (each drink is 800 yen), but is sold 8000 yen over the counter. That’s already 2 free drinks when you buy the set.

On top of that, and only for our exclusive online limited campaign, we’re adding 2 more drink tickets for free. That’s right: you’re getting 14 drink tickets (woth 11200 yen) for the price of 10 drinks.

Don’t miss this limited opportunity.

You can also purchase this item as a gift and transfer it to a friend.

  • After purchase, we will send you the coupon number by e-mail. Please bring the number and give it to a member of Bauhaus staff when you visit Bauhaus. It will be exchanged for 14 drink tickets.
  • Please note that we can not ship the drink tickets themselves.
  • Each drink pick can be exchanged at the bar for a 800 yen drink. In case you would like to order one of the few drinks that are more than 800 yen, you can pay the difference in cash.