Documents to be submitted by each performing band

List of Documents

All performing bands are required to submit the following two types of documents.

  • Setting Form or Setting Sheet
  • PA Sheet

Setting Form / Sheet

This is to describe the band composition and equipment setup.

TypeApplicable casesFeatureDataSubmission deadlineSubmittion way
Setting FormWhen there is no detailed specification of the setting (e.g. JAM sessions)Simplified submission     ーUp to 1 week before the event dateOnline Form or Email
Setting SheetOther than above (required for special arrangements and large groups such as wind ensembles)Fill in the placement on the downloaded drawingSetting Sheet (PDF)
*If you open the file in Illustrator, you can move the microphones and abbreviations for each part
Up to 1 week before the event dateOnline Form or Email

PA Sheet

This is to inform us of your performance program (order and time) and plans for PA and lighting operations.

You can download the data from here:PDF / Excel

Applicable casesSubmission deadlineSubmittion way
When you have detailed directionUp to 1 week before the event dateEmail us
No detailed directionUntil the day of the event (before rehearsal)Handover to PA staff

Requests to Performers / Precautions for Use

  • NO loitering near the venue (especially on the first floor) or leave trash, etc. on the day of the event. It may cause inconvenience to other tenants.
  • Moving the position of the drum set and amplifiers will not be permitted as it will interfere with regular business operations. (You can adjust the angle and other settings.)
  • Bringing drum sets are not allowed.(Snare, pedals and cymbals are allowed).
  • Please inform us in advance if you plan to bring in amplifiers or other equipment.
  • No equipment may be brought in without prior notification.
  • Equipment on stage is subject to change without notice due to adjustments.
  • Please be on time to enter the room, and contact us if you will be late.
  • Please keep to the allotted performance time. As there will be regular business after the performance, the sound-off time will be the time you have reserved.
  • Bands with special compositions should enquire in advance about equipment etc. Special equipment and sets (especially wind instruments, multiple instruments in large groups, output from PCs, etc.) cannot be used without prior notice.
  • The serving of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 20 is prohibited by law. In the unlikely event that an underage person is found to be under the influence of alcohol, the event will be immediately cancelled.

For inquiries

If you have any questions about equipment or setup, please contact us.

Attn: Toru Kagami, Satsuki Kamimura
Email:[email protected]