1. Please read our coronavirus safety rules

Our priority is the safety and security of customers and staff of Bauhaus. Please follow the rules below when you visit us.

  1. Please keep your mask on when you are inside the venue.
  2. Hand contacts such as high-fives and handshakes are prohibited.
  3. A temperature check is performed before admission in the venue.
  4. Visitors showing signs of poor physical conditions or with a body temperature of 37.5°C or above will not be admitted.
  5. Please use the hand sanitizing alcohol present at the entrance and in various locations in the venue, including all tables.
  6. Even though we love seeing and hearing you cheer loudly, please refrain from doing so at the moment.
  7. Please keep a sufficient social distance towards other customers and staff.

More information: Coronavirus Safety Measures and Rules

2. Please read our reservation rules

  • Our business hours have been changed. For the time being, Bauhaus is opened from 6:00pm to 0:00am.
  • Reservations can not be accepted for an admission after 21:00.
  • Reservations can not be accepted on slots scheduled for private parties (please check schedule below)
  • Same day reservation is possible until noon.
  • Your reservation will be confirmed when you receive an email from Bauhaus.
  • Please contact us if you arrive more than 30 minutes late, otherwise your reservation will be cancelled.

Thank you for your understanding.

2. Have a look at the schedule

Reservation is required.
Admission on the day is possible, but admission will be restricted as soon as the maximum number of people is reached.

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3. Submit your reservation request

If you’d like to make a reservation for a special event (birthday, farewell party…), please use the Celebration reservation formIf you’d like to book Bauhaus for a private party, please use the Private party reservation form.