Hall rental / Private parties

Main space features

  • Price includes PA, lighting operation, equipment rental, LCD projector and electric screen!
  • Available for a seated maximum of 85 people and a standing maximum of 150 people.
  • The hall layout can be freely changed to accommodate a wide range of events, from spacious events to all-standby events with a lively atmosphere.
  • The room can be used not only for live events, but also as a rehearsal studio, for live broadcast events with or without audience, welcome and send-off parties, birthday parties, and more!

You will be amazed at the realism of BAUHAUS’s live streaming and recorded video! The sound quality and camera work are both very high quality, so you can present your best performance to a larger audience!

  • If you purchased “Private Party Ticket (Valid for 3 years)” at the Bauhaus online shop: Please see this webpost
  • If you supported us by selecting the return of Level 12 “More Than A Feeling” Set – Stage Rental/ Private Party” in the crowdfunding:Please see this webpost