The Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame live in Tokyo, since 1981

For more than 40 years, rock bar and livehouse Bauhaus has been pumping the power of rock right into the heart of Roppongi, the vibrant nightlife district of Tokyo. Year after year, our band has been keeping the spirit alive, performing every night the greatest hits of classic rock, heavy metal and hard rock from the 1970s to the 2000s. Come in, have a drink, and experience the live music of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Queen, Nirvana, Oasis and more!

🎸🎉 Thank you for your continuous support!! 🎉🎸

Dear Friends and Supporters of Bauhaus,

We are thrilled to celebrate the two-year anniversary of our legendary live rock bar at its new location! For over 40 years, Bauhaus has been infusing the heart of Roppongi with the power of rock ‘n’ roll, keeping the spirit alive night after night.

Amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we faced the risk of closing our doors. However, thanks to your incredible and generous support through crowdfunding, we found a new home and continued to keep the rock alive in Roppongi.

To all our supporters, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your belief in our mission and love for live music have made this milestone possible. We are forever grateful for your unwavering dedication.

As we move forward, we remain committed to providing unforgettable live performances and preserving the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. Join us as we toast to the memories we’ve made and the exciting future ahead.

Here’s to many more years of rocking at Bauhaus! 🍻

Tomo’s Birthday Bash & Hiroe’s 25th Anniversary at BAUHAUS!

We’re thrilled to announce two special events as we celebrate our band master and our vocalist! 🎂✨

Tomo’s Birthday Bash

Date: Wednesday, July 10
Doors Open: 19:00
Price: Same as regular Bauhaus entrance fee

As our bandmaster and bassist, Tomo is in charge of arranging the setlist and everything else in the band. It’s his arranging skills and behind-the-scenes efforts that keep everyone hooked to the band. Let’s show Tomo our appreciation and make this birthday bash a spectacular event! Come and celebrate with us, and enjoy a night of amazing music. This is your chance to experience the magic he creates firsthand!

FLASHBACK Vol.2 – Hiroe’s 25th Anniversary Special Live

Date: Saturday, August 3
Doors Open: 17:30, Start: 18:00
Price: 5,500 yen (includes 1 drink and snacks)

Join us for Hiroe’s 25th anniversary of working at BAUHAUS. We’ll have many special artists to celebrate her, and after the gig, you can enjoy the Bauhaus band’s stage during regular business hours. Let’s make this night just as spectacular and show Hiroe how much we appreciate her dedication and talent!




The best of US & UK rock from the last decades.
Five live sets every night by our in-house band.
Guest performances and free requests.


Thirsty? We have beers, cocktails, whisky, shots, softs!
Hungry? We have finger food, pizzas, snacks!
Have a seat and enjoy the show!


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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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