Hall rental / Private Party Booking Form

Please send us the inquiry form on the below.

  • If you purchased “Private Party Ticket (Valid for 3 years)” at the Bauhaus online shop: Please see this webpost
  • If you supported us by selecting the return of Level 12 “More Than A Feeling” Set – Stage Rental/ Private Party” in the crowdfunding:Please see this webpost

Available Dates and Times

  • Available timeslots:
    • Monday to Saturday: 11:00-20:00
    • Sunday and Japanese national holidays: 11:00-23:00
  • Rental duration: 6hours
    • Possibility to extend for 20,000 yen per hour
      *Even if you wish to extend your time, it must be within the above available days and hours.


  • Includes 6 hours of space rental, equipment rental fee, PA/lighting engineer fee, projector and video equipment, and all other facility usage fees.
  • Please check our equipments and precautions from below link.

About the 1-drink order system

Guests are not allowed to bring their own beverages. All visitors will be asked to order one drink on the day of the event.
Drink ticket is ¥600 per person (tax included).
The receptionist will receive the required number of drink tickets from us. After the rental, you will be reimbursed according to the number of tickets remaining.
*To prevent problems, we can’t be your receptionist. Please prepare your own receptionist.

All-you-can-drink/food options

The following plans are also available for all-you-can-drink and meal requests. Please contact us for details.

Check here for menu of each plan

Name of plans All-you-can-drink PlanBuffet Plan
A 1,500 yen per visitor (tax included) / 2.5 hours
Highball, 8 cocktails, Shochu, wine, 4 soft drinks
1,500 yen per visitor (tax included) / 2.5 hours
Meals and desserts (6 types in total)
B 2,500 yen per visitor (tax included) / 2.5 hours
Can of beer, Highball, 10 cocktails, Shochu, wine, 6 soft drinks
2,500 yen per visitor (tax included) / 2.5 hours
Meals and desserts (10 types in total)
C 3,500 yen per visitor (tax included) / 2.5 hours
Draft beer, Highball, 30 cocktails, Shochu, wine, Japanese sake, 6 soft drinks
3,500 yen per visitor (tax included) / 2.5 hours
Meals and desserts (14 types in total)


  • The above 6-hour usage time is defined as the time from move-in to complete move-out.
  • Sound stops should be set at least 30 minutes prior to the complete move-out time.
  • Please note that if your rental exceeds 20:00 on Monday through Saturday, you will be charged the stipulated fee to compensate for regular business hours.
  • The organizers should manage the rehearsals and the performance proceedings.
  • Please inform our staff of the time schedule when you confirm your reservation.

Tentative Reservations

  • Tentative reservations can be made for 5 days (until 90 days in advance) and for 3 days (until 60 days in advance).
  • Please note that if other customers inquire about the same desired date during the tentative reservation period, we may contact you and ask you to accelerate your decision.
  • Regardless of the plan, a deposit of 30,000 yen is required at the time of contract.
  • Once we received the deposit, the reservation becomes official and a cancellation policy will be applied. Please be sure to read the “Usage Regulations” before making a reservation.
  • Please note that by submitting your application, you agree to the Usage regulations.

Cancellation Policy

  • After the dates are confirmed, cancellation fees will be charged based on the number of remaining days.
    • From the day of use to 15 days prior/ 100%
    • From 16 days prior to 30 days prior/ 80%
    • From 31 days prior to 60 days prior/ 50%
    • From 61 days prior to 90 days prior/ 30,000 yen (deposit for reservation)

Reservation Inquiry Form

  • If your request conflicts with our regular business hours, we may ask you to change the dates.
  • Please note that your reservation is not completed when you submit the form.
  • We will respond you within a few days. If you do not receive a reply email after a while, please contact us.