Terms, conditions and shipping information

The following applies for Bauhaus Online Shop.

Terms of Service

Article 1 Purpose
The Online Shop Terms and Conditions are set up for you to use the online shopping Service (hereinafter referred to as “Service(s)”) provided by BAUHAUS Co., Ltd..
Please note that these Terms fall under the Standard Terms set forth by Article 548-2 of the Civil Code, and those who use the Service are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions of these Terms upon applying for the purchase of goods using the Service.
From here on, “Online Shop Terms of Use” shall be written as “Terms”, “BAUHAUS Co., Ltd.” as “our company”, “we”, “us” or “our”, “online shopping services provided by BAUHAUS Co., Ltd.” as “Service”, “those who use the Service” as “user(s)” or “you”, respectively.

Article 2 Order
After we receive an order for the purchase of the goods offered by the Service, as a general rule, a contract concerning the order shall be concluded when we send out a notice of consent.

Article 3 Product price and other accompanying fees
Users shall pay the total price of each of the following items (hereinafter referred to as “product price and other accompanying fees”). The amount of the first, the second and the third item of the following when listed in this Service are tax-included.
(1) Product price
(2) Shipping charges

Article 4 How and when to pay
As for the payment method for the goods purchased on the Service, Users can choose from the payment methods which includes credit card payments or bank transfer. However, due to the nature of the product, some payment methods may not be available.
In the case of payment by credit card, please confirm the following before use.
(1) You may make payments with the credit card issued by a credit card company authorized by our company based on the membership terms of the credit card company.
(2) The name of the applicant to our company and the name of the credit card must be the same.
(3) In the event of a dispute between the customer and the credit card company and others, it shall be resolved by both parties concerned, and we shall not be liable for any damages and related fees.
The time of the payment for the product price varies depending on each payment method selected by the User.
(1) In the case of credit card payments: When you place an order (Users will be debited from their account. on the withdrawal date specified by each credit card company they have a contract with. )
(2) In the case of bank transfer:
When the User is completed of bank transfer.

Article 5 Consignment of settlement service
We shall consign settlement services related to the Service to third parties (hereinafter referred to as “settlement trustees”).
You acknowledge that the settlement trustee acts on behalf of us in the settlement services related to the Service and that we disclose and provide information necessary for such settlement to the settlement trustee.
If you choose to pay with your credit card, your credit card number, expiration date, security code or any other credit card information will be retained only by the credit card payment trustee. The credit card information you enter will be sent directly to the credit card payment trustee without being supplied to us, and we will not obtain your credit card information.

Article 6 Transfer of ownership
Ownership associated with the sales between the User and us shall be transferred at the following points, depending on each payment method selected by the User.
(1) In the case of credit card payments:
When the User completes the full payment of the product price and other accompanying fees to the credit card company that the User has signed the contract with.
(2) In the case of bank transfer:
When the User completes the full payment by bank transfer.

Article 7 Delivery
We will ship your order to the location specified by the User as the shipping destination by the method specified by our company. In addition, damage or dirt caused after the arrival of the ordered product is the responsibility of the User.
We will try to deliver quickly after your order is complete, but delivery may be delayed due to natural disasters, system problems, or other unforeseen circumstances. We are not liable for any damages directly or indirectly incurred by you or third parties.

Article 8 Cancellation of your order
You may cancel your order only if you meet all of the following conditions. However, in the case of products that we had made clear in advance that it cannot be canceled for reasonable reasons such as inventory disposal, the User may not cancel the product.
(1) If you only ordered goods that are going to be delivered
(2) Ask by the method prescribed by our company before sending out the order

Article 9 Termination of contract by us
If we determine that the following reasons apply, we may not accept the order from the User if it is before the conclusion of this contract and may terminate the contract if it is after the conclusion of the contract, without prior notice to the User.
When the approval of the use of the credit card is not provided as a result of the evaluation by the credit card company
When it is found that there is a false statement in the User’s personal information
When there is no prospect of having the ordered product in stock for a long period of time or when the product is no longer produced
When it is not possible to deliver the product because the delivery destination is not known, or because of the long-term absence of the User
When it is clear that important matters such as the displayed price are incorrect compared to market prices and other information
When it turns out to be an order for profit, such as resale
When it turns out that the User is a member of a crime syndicate, crime syndicate member, or was a crime syndicate member less than five years ago, is a crime syndicate associate member, a crime syndicate-related company or group, an extortionist, a group engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaigns or political activities, and crime groups specialize in intellectual crimes, or otherwise have a relationship that is deemed to be of convenience or substantial involvement to these parties, or when the User is found to be equivalent to an anti-social force.
When we acknowledge that there is a need to cancel your order

Article 10 Exchange and return
Replacement of ordered products will only be accepted if all of the following conditions are met.
(1) The User asked for the exchange by the procedure prescribed by us within 30 days after the arrival of the ordered product.
(2) Damage or defacement occurred before the User received the product or the item sent to the user was different from the content of the order.
(3) The User is able to return all the products and the product accessories.
Returns of the ordered goods will only be accepted if the following conditions are met or if we are unable to prepare a replacement for the request for replacement pursuant to the preceding paragraph. However, we may not be able to accept returns or exchanges due to the nature of the product.
(1) The User asked for a return within 14 days of purchase, subject to the procedures prescribed by us.
(2) The reason for the return is a duplicate order or because the form of the product was mistaken.
(3) The ordered product is unopened and unused.

Article 11 Order restrictions
We may limit the total number of products offered by the Service, the number of purchases per User, and the length of time you can order.
When the case of order of liquor, minors may use the Service only with the consent of their parent or guardian.

Article 12 Restrictions on warranty
We do not guarantee that the Service will meet your specific purpose of use or achieve any specific results.
Unless otherwise stated, Product image for illustration purposes only, and the actual product and packaging may differ. In addition, the color may differ slightly from the actual product due to shooting and light.

Article 13 Disclaimer
We shall be liable for the Service only to the extent limited in accordance with the articles of these Terms. We shall not be liable for anything that we do not guarantee in the articles of these Terms, any matters we do not assume responsibility for, or what we state as customer’s responsibility, whether it is a liability for default, tort, or other causes of liability.
We shall not be responsible for any transactions, communications, disputes and other troubles arising between you and third parties in connection with the Service.
This Service uses an external system as part of the system. Therefore, you may not be able to use the Service when the external system is unavailable, but we shall not be liable for any damages incurred by you from this inconvenience.
We will only be liable for damages if there is intentional or gross negligence in our company, even if damage sought by you with respect to the Service may be attributed to our liability.
In the case set forth in the preceding paragraph, the scope of liability that we assume shall be limited to the liability that does not exceed the compensation of the amount you have paid us in the last six months. In addition, we shall not be liable for any damages related to incidental damages, indirect damages, special damages, future damages or lost profits.
If the provisions in these Terms that exempt or limit our liability are deemed invalid or to disagree with the Civil Code, Consumer Contract Act or other laws, we are responsible for compensating you for any direct and real damage sought by you.
The Service may not be available if you are an anti-social force as set forth in Article 9, Section 7 of these Terms.

Article 14 Handling of personal information
We will handle your personal information appropriately in accordance with the “Personal Statement.”

Article 15 Other terms and conditions
Matters that are not provided in these Terms shall be governed by other terms and conditions stipulated by us.

Article 16 Changes to these Terms
We may change the content of the Service, the terms and conditions of these Terms, in accordance with the provisions of Article 548-4 of the Civil Code, within the scope of the purpose of the Service, not only in the cases that meet the general interests of our customers, but also in the cases of changes in social conditions, economic conditions, changes in tax systems, changes in laws and regulations, changes in the circumstances concerning the Service, and other substantial reasons.
When we make changes to these Terms pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, we shall display the content of these Terms on our website and inform you by the method prescribed by us, and from the date after a considerable period of time, the revised Terms of Use shall apply.
If you do not wish to continue using the Service after these Terms have been changed pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 1, you may, by the method prescribed by us, before the date on which the revised Terms of Use as set forth in the preceding paragraph apply, ask for a cancellation of the Service.

Article 17 Court of jurisdiction
In the event of a dispute between Users regarding this Online Shop Terms and Conditions, both parties shall resolve the issue in good faith, and in the event of difficulty of reaching a resolution and a need for litigation arise, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction of the first instance.

Article 18 Governing law
The interpretation and application of these Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

Established the supplementary provisions: March 15th, 2020


Shipping to Japan is free for all orders.

Shipping of physical items (Excluding advance tickets, Live streaming ticket, Dozen Picks, and commemorative bottles) for international destinations is calculated on the basis of the total weight of the order. All international orders are shipped with Japan Post “Small Package International Mail” service.

Asia (except Japan)

  • Up to 300g: 470 yen
  • From 301g to 600g: 890 yen
  • From 601g to 1,000g: 1,450 yen
  • From 1,001g to 2,000g: 2,150 yen
  • Above 2,001g: free shipping

Oceania – North America – Central America – Middle East – Europe

  • Up to 300g: 600 yen
  • From 301g to 600g: 1,140 yen
  • From 601g to 1,000g: 1,860 yen
  • From 1,001g to 2,000g: 2,760 yen
  • Above 2,001g: free shipping

South America – Africa

  • Up to 300g: 770 yen
  • From 301g to 600g: 1,490 yen
  • From 601g to 1,000g: 2,450 yen
  • From 1,001g to 2,000g: 3,650 yen
  • Above 2,001g: free shipping