Privacy Statement

1.BAUHAUS Co., Ltd. shall strictly abide by relevant legislation related to personal information protection, such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and obligations set forth in guidelines issued by the competent minister, in addition to the terms of this Policy when handling personal information (refers to any information about a living individual which can identify the specific individual or that which includes an individual identification code, hereinafter same).

2.BAUHAUS Co., Ltd. shall use personal data within the scope of the following purposes, except in cases in which the prior consent of the relevant person (“relevant person” is defined hereinafter as the specific individual identified by personal information) has been received in advance and in which the handling of said personal data is permitted as an exceptional case by the Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information and/or other applicable laws and ordinances

3.BAUHAUS Co., Ltd. shall obtain personal information through lawful means only and shall, excluding cases provided by law as exceptions, publicly announce the purpose of use in advance, or notify the person of the purpose of use or publicly announce the purpose of use promptly after obtaining such information. However, when personal information is acquired from written documents directly from the relevant person, BAUHAUS Co., Ltd. will expressly notify the person of the purpose of use in advance

4.BAUHAUS Co., Ltd. shall endeavor to maintain the personal data handled (“personal data handled” is defined hereinafter as the personal information comprising a personal information database, etc. and “personal information database, etc.” is defined hereinafter as a collection of information, including personal information, which is designated by government ordinance as something systematically structured so as to ensure easy retrievability of specific personal information, such as an electronic database or a Who’s Who publication) so that it is accurate and up to date within the scope of the purposes of use, and shall take necessary/appropriate security measures in the supervision of employees and contractors in the handling of personal information.

5.BAUHAUS Co., Ltd. shall not, excluding cases provided by law as exceptions, disclose or provide to third parties any personal data of the relevant person without their prior consent.

6.BAUHAUS Co., Ltd. will respond to requests for the release or correction of personal data held by BAUHAUS Co., Ltd. based on applicable law (excluding data which might harm public or other interests if its presence or absence is known and the data which will be erased within a period of no longer than six months).

7.BAUHAUS Co., Ltd. shall promptly and appropriately deal with complaints regarding the handling of personal information and endeavor to develop an in-house framework for that purpose.