Coronavirus Safety Measures and Rules

Our priority is the safety and security of customers and staff of Bauhaus. Bauhaus has reopened in October 2020 after a suspension of activities of about 6 months. Upon reopening, we have implemented several measures to limit the risk of coronavirus infection.

Mask Usage

Along with the government announcement starting from 13 March 2023, the use of mask will depend on personal choices. Please remember to be understanding and respectful of personal choices not to force someone to wear or take off their masks.

Special measures and equipment

Bauhaus has introduced several measures and new equipment to improve health and safety inside the venue.

  • Hand sanitizer at the entrance (mandatory use)
  • Thermal camera for automatic body temperature check at the entrance (mandatory use)
  • Paper-less, pen-less song request system using QR code
  • Mini spray bottles of hand sanitizer on every table
  • Automatic hand sanitizer at the bar counter
  • Automatic soap dispenser and water tap in the toilets
  • Six air purifiers installed in various locations in the venue
  • Reinforcement of ventilation system
  • Additional space between tables
  • Keep enough distance (2m) between the stage and the audience
  • Transparent plastic panels at cashier counter
  • Instructions and reminder signs at various locations in the venue
  • Payment system compatible with electronic money from several countries
  • Daily health management and temperature control for all our staff
  • Registration to the contact confirmation application (COCOA) from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for all our staff