Rocking for Survival: A Night to Save Bauhaus | 26th June 2021

For 40 years, Bauhaus has kept the flame of rock music burning in the heart of Roppongi, the vibrant nightlife district of Tokyo. Until 2020, our band was performing for you, every night, the best of US and UK rock from the last decades. We welcomed thousands of lovers of rock music, some of you even joining us on stage. Between the music sets, our musicians turned into barmaids and barmen, serving you beers and cocktails. Every night, from 7:00 to 1:00am, nothing else than rock mattered. This was the daily magic of Bauhaus.

In March 2020, our lights and amps suddenly shut down. Coronavirus forced stores, entertainment venues and bars such as Bauhaus to stay closed, for the safety of all. Then came 2021. This year was supposed to be a year of celebrations. We were looking forward to rock with you like never, celebrating our 40th anniversary while entering the fifth decade of our existence.

But the future of Bauhaus is now uncertain. Our closure for more than one year has drained our funds. We will soon no longer be able to pay our rent and the salaries of our staff.

We had a decision to make. End the history of Bauhaus now. Or fight. Fight for survival. Fight to keep on rocking. For you, for us, for the legacy of rock.

We made our decision. An obvious one, actually. We are rockers at heart. Rock is freedom and resistance. As a certain British band once sang, “The Show Must Go On”. We can not let Bauhaus die. We can not let a virus put out our burning flame of rock.

So we made a plan. A survival plan, with drastic measures. The most drastic of them is our relocation. We moved to our current venue recently – in 2018 as you may remember. But the financial conditions for this building are killing us. To survive, we have to move. We already have found a new venue, with better conditions.

Since 1981, we never ceased to refine our formula, to always offer you the best live rock bar experience. Our survival plan forces us to make changes, but we see this as an opportunity. After this crisis, we are going to build back an even better Bauhaus. We will combine our heritage with new ideas. The post-coronavirus Bauhaus will shine as a beacon for fans of rock music living in or visiting Japan.

This survival plan and the forced relocation have a cost that we unfortunately can not bear alone. We need help. We need your help. This is why we will launch at the end of June a crowdfunding campaign. A campaign to save Bauhaus, to turn back on our lights and amps, and to keep the flame of rock burning in Tokyo Roppongi.

We will introduce our survival plan and officially launch the crowdfunding campaign during our special live rock show on Saturday 26th June, available for free on YouTube. Join us for this unique moment in Bauhaus history. Invite your friends and family. More than ever in our 40 years of existence, we need your support. This is a matter of life or death for Bauhaus.

Rocking For Survival: A Night to Save Bauhaus

Saturday 26th June 2021
21:00 (Tokyo Time)
Free livestream on YouTube

  • Two hours of rock music
  • Introduction of Bauhaus survival plan
  • Launch of crowdfunding campaign

(note: you can click the access button now to set a reminder on YouTube)

Share rock, share love, help us survive!

For this unique livestream that will determine the fate of Bauhaus, we need as many people to join. Invite your friends, invite your family, invite your colleagues, invite people you don’t even know. This is very important for us to have the largest possible audience.

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