Collaborative music video: let’s play ‘The Show Must Go On’ together!

Calling all singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers, keyboardists and supporters!

December 2019… It’s been more than one year since the first cases of COVID-19 have been reported. Since then, our lives have been been turned upside down. Things we used to take for granted are now a distant memory. Even now, as we are entering soon the summer of 2021, the global pandemic continues, and we at Bauhaus haven’t been able to open or to play for you.

In these circumstances, Bauhaus managed to survive only thanks to the continuing support that you brought us, as our loyal customers and friends.

The only thing we can do for now is share music online – as we’ve been doing since February with our series of livestream shows – BauTube.

We hope you enjoyed these shows as much as we enjoyed producing them for you. However, they miss one important component of what makes Bauhaus unique: your presence on our stage, as guest performers. That’s why we are launching today our new project, as part of our Save The Music initiative. This time, we won’t be the only one playing. We want you to join us. Together, let’s create a music video and look towards a brighter future, beyond the coronavirus crisis.

The song we chose for this collaborative project is Queen’s “The Show Must Go On”. Together, let’s keep the energy of Bauhaus alive, let’s keep the light of entertainment on, let’s keep the guitars electrifying the crowds!

To join the project, send us your video performance of any of the following music parts: vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. If you can’t play or sing, you can also participate by sending us a video or picture showing a written message of support.

Song Details

  • Artist: Queen
  • Song: The Show Must Go On
  • Arrangement & Structure: Original studio version, available on the album Innuendo
  • Key: Bbm (half down from original studio version)

Open Roles

Singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers, keyboardists

  • Entries for each role will be accepted until the maximum number of participants for each role (12) is reached, or until the submission deadline (15th June)
  • Partial or full track recordings are both welcome
  • In order to include as many participants as possible, we will only use parts of your performance

Please follow the Recording Instructions below and use the provided Backing Track.

Support Messages

Even if you can’t play music, you can join this project with a support message! Support messages can be sent in short video formats or in photos. In the case of videos, the sound will not be used: please make sure your support message is written and readable. Please find below some examples of support messages.

Backing Track

Please feel free to use this demo track to play along and record your performance.

Recording Instructions

  • Please record using a separate device while playing along the backing track on headphones. The backing track should not be audible in the video you will submit.
  • Please record your video in landscape format (horizontal) and make sure audio and video quality are good


  • Deadline: Sunday 20th June – 23:59 (Tokyo Time)
  • Please send your video to [email protected]
  • If your file is too large to be sent by email, please use the Gigafile or Google Drive services.
  • Please note that the video produced in this project will be published in various media, including websites and social media platforms. By joining the project, you accept that your contribution is made publicly available.

We’re looking forward to discovering your submissions, and hope you will all join this project!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.