Our survival crowdfunding campaign is now open – Let’s save Bauhaus together!

Dear fans of rock from Japan and the world, dear friends of Bauhaus,

As we announced earlier this month, our live rock bar is in difficulty, and needs help. We have launched today a crowdfunding campaign on Campfire, Japan’s largest crowdfunding platform. To save Bauhaus, we need to collect at least 18 million yen before 14th August.

The funds will be used to finance our survival plan, that includes a relocation to a new venue with better financial conditions than our current one.

The campaign offers 17 levels of support, from 2.000 to 2.000.000 yen, and exclusive rewards that we will send you to thank you for your generous support. We have prepared rewards for everyone: digital rewards that you can receive and enjoy everywhre, physical items that we will ship worldwide, and unique experience that you can enjoy in our new venue. Thank you in advance for your support!

To keep you informed about the progress on the campaign, the milestones, our project, we have set up a special page on our website. This will be the headquarters page for the campaign, from today until our reopening. Please keep an eye on it if you’d like to follow the campaign and know more about what we are preparing behind the curtain! We also included on this page a guide in English to help you navigate on Campfire.

Help Bauhaus survive, share our campaign on your social media! #savebauhaustokyo