Dream on!

Dear friends of Bauhaus, dear friends of rock from Japan and the world,

We can’t believe what just happened.

We started our survival campaign on 26th June, for seven weeks. We were genuinely terrified of asking for your financial support. We were already seeing the end of 40 years of Bauhaus history. All our dreams were being extinguished one after another, during 16 long months with no customers at our bar, no rock on our stage, no one to chat with at our tables.

We opened this campaign with one goal: survival. We set the goal at the minimum amount that we need to make it through 2021, to relocate, and to pay our bills until we are able to restart our business.

But within less than four days, you reached that goal. You saved Bauhaus. You also resuscitated our dreams. You brought back hope and ambition in our hearts.

One week ago, we wouldn’t allow ourselves to dream beyond survival. We had exciting ideas for our new venue – but we just couldn’t imagine putting them on the table for this crowdfunding campaign.

We have now more than six weeks left before the end of this campaign. You proved to us that in 2021, at the age of social distancing and digital entertainment, you still care about our old rock bar. You allowed us to dream again. 

Now, how about dreaming together? 

We will come back to you within a few days. We need to sort out our ideas before we present them to you. We hope you will like them, and that you can support us, beyond survival, towards our dream for rock music and for you.

But for now, as a first symbol of what you did for us already, we’d like to share with you the very first images of our new location – for which we’ve been able to sign the contract yesterday thanks to our 315 first supporters.

Please keep sharing our campaign around you – it’s not over yet! Our official hashtag: #savebauhaustokyo. Our social media accounts: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram. Every like, comment, post, share helps a lot.

Visit our crowdfunding page for more updates!

PS: we’d like to remind you that we will contact all the supporters after the end of the campaign to collect your personal information and shipping addresses, to deliver your rewards. Thank you for your patience.