Next goal announcement: towards the best Bauhaus ever

We’ve been truly amazed to have received over 18 million yen of funding in just 4 days. Thanks to this incredible support, Bauhaus is now able to move forward to its dreams.

With a budget of 18 million yen, Bauhaus is saved: we can relocate at minimal cost, and pay our bills for this year, until regular business resumes. However, with this budget, our capacity to invest time and money in interior construction, stage and seating layout, decoration and technical equipment of the new venue will be limited.

We will proceed with the construction no matter what, but we still need additional support to cover extra costs such as soundproofing, interior design, better stage and seating layout…We believe that to recover from the damage caused by coronavirus to the image of live music venues and to our business, we need to build the most attractive place we can. We need to make a Bauhaus that you will love even more than before, and that will be able to keep attracting new customers.

The crowdfunding campaign is not finished, so let’s use the time left that we have to advance towards this ultimate goal!

To know more about our new goal and its different stages, please visit our crowdfunding campaign page on Campfire.