Rocking for Survival Vol.2: Sayonara Imperial!

31st July is the last day in our current venue at Imperial Building. After that, Bauhaus will start moving to the new venue that we could secure thanks to your support in our crowdfunding campaign.

We initially wanted to offer you a special performance live on YouTube, from Imperial Building, to say goodbye to this place where we welcomed you since 2018.

However, it turns out that one of our staff members has been infected by COVID-19. The other staff members who gave been in contact have been tested negative, but as a safety measure they are staying home.

Instead of a live performance, we will deliver to you a special content gathering selected extracts of past livestreams, video messages from Bauhaus members, video memories of Imperial Building, and more. The chat will be open, we will be happy to discuss with you.

We’re sorry that the circumstances do not allow us to offer you a full live show as we hoped we could do.

We hope you join us for this final broadcast in the era of Bauhaus Imperial Building, before we start moving to our new venue.

Rocking For Survival Vol.2 – Sayonara Imperial

Saturday 31st July | Open 20:55, Start 21:00

By the way, our crowdfunding campaign continues until 14th August. Join us to build together the best Bauhaus ever as we will move to a new venue!