Zombies were back! Bauhaus Halloween after 3 years:”Rocking Dead 2022″ Event Report👻

On Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29, 2022, we held our first BAUHAUS Halloween event in three years, “The Rocking Dead 2022”!
Maybe it was because we waited too long for this day, or maybe we were too hungry for Rock, but all the staff turned into zombies…!
We had a special stage with authentic zombie outfits, Halloween decorations and staging, and a bunch of new songs for you to enjoy!

Me, Satsuki ( PR staff, apprentice bassist and maid zombie) will report on the event!

※Photo: Noriko-S-Sweets

And the next event: “HOLY ROCK NITE 2022” will be held on December 23 and 24, 2022! Please check for more details from the following button 🎅🎁


Every staffs became zombies! Outline of “The Rocking Dead 2022

Halloween at Bauhaus means…yes, zombies!

Thanks to “Special Modeling Studio TOXIC” (https://www.toxic.co.jp/), a group of professionals active in special makeup for TV and movies, all staffs were covered in zombie blood and injuries, and some of them even went beyond zombies and turned into skeletons!💀

Now let’s see what’s in BAUHAUS!

Full of spooky atmosphere👻

Spider webs everywhere in the restaurant… (Many people were caught in spider webs and almost preyed on them. lol)

The special T-shirts we handed out to visitors were white for the first time! We were so happy to see so many people wearing them!

Special Halloween Menu✨

Halloween special menus were made by vocalist and kitchen staff Sakae.
It looks scary, but the black sauce is content by very tasty stew. Both the omelet and the special parfait were very popular to the customers!

Look at the fingers that Sakae had made! Waaa!

A burst of energy, even as a zombie! We also delivered a new song!🎤

Stage seemed to be started with the opening movie we usually played, but something strange happen to the movie …?

For more information on how the event started, please check out the BAUHAUS Halloween Event Report written by ROSE from Techno Art Inc.

In addition to the new songs:

  • Power/ Helloween
  • Chop suey/ System Of A Down
  • Believer/ Imagine Dragons
  • Symphony of destruction/ MEGADETH

, which were performed for the first time, there were many songs that had not been performed in a long time!

Vocals: Dave, Hiroe, K.J, Yuka, Rain, Kenny, Yumi, Sakae🎤

Guitar: Tsubasa, Ryosuke, Ren, Fuku-chan, Tatsuhiko🎸

Drums: To-ru, Mirko🥁

Does To-ru look hungry? Apparently he is hungry for meat and blood🍖

The Great Muta…oops not, Tomo, K.J., Satsuki on bass🎸, and Yshiro🎹 on keyboards.

Zombie makeover booth for customers👀

Seeing the zombies on stage with even more powerful, some of the customers were gradually infected with zombies…!

The zombie make-up booth of “Special Modeling Studio TOXIC” (https://www.toxic.co.jp/) set up inside the store was so popular that there was a line of people waiting to get in, and zombies were being created one after another! Amazing!
*Thank you to everyone who gave us permission to publish this article!

We also celebrated Dave’s Birthday✨

The first day of the event (October 28) was Dave’s Birthday, so we held a celebration stage!

Dave is always drenched in sweat and full of energy. Apparently the zombie magic has melted away and he’s back to life!(lol)


Thank you so much for everyone who came to our Halloween event !
If unfortunately you could not make it, we hope this page will give you a taste of our charm.

The next event will be a Christmas event, “Holy Rock Night 2022” on December 23 and 24, 2022!
We will have a raffle with gorgeous prizes 🎫 and a special Christmas stage 🎁!

Looking forward to seeing you at our last Bauhaus event of the year! Don’t forget to get your tickets in advance!

Staff Photo🎁