Reopening: We’re almost there!

As we announced in our latest update, Bauhaus is back on business on 28th May, baby! After two years of forced closure, we’re now in the final phase of our relocation-for-survival project, supported by 599 of you in our crowdfunding campaign last year.

The construction work of the stage, bar, kitchen, toilet and other infrastructure ended two weeks ago, allowing us to take over on the venue, and start transferring all our equipment, that was still stored in our previous place since last year. We’re not sharing too many photos of the new interior, as we want to keep the surprise for when you will visit us!

Our Grand Reopening Night on 28th May is fully booked already – many thanks to those of you who purchased a ticket. For the other ones, don’t worry: we’re back on regular business, which means you can visit Bauhaus any day of the week from Monday to Saturday, 18:00-24:00. Reservations are now opened, starting from Monday 30th May!

In case you haven’t noticed them on our social media, we’d also like to remind you that the full instructions for the last rewards from the crowdfunding campaign supporters are now published on our website, and you can vote (until 15th May – hurry up!) for the new song that you’d like to see added to Bauhaus catalogue, and performed for the first time in the special livestream that will be offered to crowdfunding supporters on 1st June.

See you very soon in the new Bauhaus!