Reopening postponed to February 2022

Dear friends and supporters of Bauhaus, here are the latest news about our relocation.

In the bad news category, we’re sorry to inform you that to welcome you in the best conditions in our new venue, we have no other choice but to postone our reopening by a few extra weeks. We also have to change the stage layout, compared to our initial plans – see below to see our new plan! On the crowdfunding rewards side, we know many of you have already received their items – we hope you like them. And last but not least, we’re happy to open today the Wall of Fame of our crowdfunding supporters!

Wall of Fame of our supporters

As promised during our crowdfunding campaign, all our supporters would get the opportunity to have their name printed on a dedicated page on our website. This page is now live, and will stay on Bauhaus website as long as Bauhaus will live. We renew our thanks to everyone who joined the campaign!

New target date for reopening: February 2022

As we already informed you in the previous update about our relocation, the infection by coronavirus of some key persons in the design of our new venue had caused a first delay of one more month, moving our reopening date to December. Since then, we unfortunately encountered additional difficulties. This makes reopening by the end of this year highly unlikely. To offer you the experience that we want to offer you, we need more time. It was not easy for us to take this decision, but we are now aiming for a reopening in February 2022.

The main reasons for this additional delay are the unexpected necessity to rework the layout design of our new venue (details below) and the unavailability of some required construction materials due to the effects of the pandemic on logistics.

We are truly sorry for this new delay. We want as much as you that Bauhaus reopens as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Stay tuned on our website, social media and newsletter for regular updates about our relocation process. And if you miss our music, don’t forget that you can enjoy weekly performances on our YouTube channel!

Layout of the new Bauhaus

After further discussions with our designer and as we got into more technical details, we realized that the stage layout we had originally envisioned would not allow us to fully utilize our current sound equipment and offer you the best sound quality, considering the structure of the new building.

Therefore, and again it was not an easy decision for us, we have decided to adopt the layout visible on the picture below. We are confident that with this design, we will be able to welcome you in excellent conditions, offer you an amazing live rock experience, and respect the limits of our budget. Please note that this draft represents the general direction of the project, and some details may still change.

The main difference between this design and the one we had in mind during the crowdfunding campaign is that the stage is now installed in the centre, rather than in a corner.

We will have a frontstage surrounded by seats, in the spirit of the Reine Building era Bauhaus. We know that a lot of our customers – and staff – keep strong memories of our time at Reine Building, before we moved to Imperial Building in 2018. We want to offer you a similar experience.

To make sure that the stage can be enjoyed from any position, the the floor will be sloped. Even seats in the back will offer a good view on the band.

We hope you will like this new design.

We will now use the next months to finetune this layout and accelerate the construction process.

Stay in touch with us on YouTube

As we announced before, while we all wait for our reopening, you can join us every Friday night at 21:00 (Tokyo Time) for the premiere of a new music performance, in presence of Bauhaus staff members in the chat. Here’s our latest release, an acoustic cover of Barracuda, Heart’s 1977 classic. You can check out the full series as a YouTube playlist here. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to not miss any of our new videos!

Thanks a lot for your continued support! We can’t wait to reopen and welcome you again. Until then, stay tuned on our social media, website and newsletter!