Reopening postponed to December, crowdfunding rewards ready for shipment

Dear friends and supporters of Bauhaus, here are the latest news about our relocation and the preparation of your crowdfunding rewards.

Reopening target date: postponed to December

Because of a series of unfortunate cases coronavirus infections among key staff in the design and construction of our new venue, we have experienced some unexpected delay in the project. Initially planned for November, our reopening is now scheduled for December. We are sorry that we can’t welcome you earlier in the new Bauhaus, and we thank you again for your patience. In the meantime, don’t forget that you can enjoy our weekly music performances on our YouTube channel!

While the construction process had to be temporarily suspended, Bauhaus staff has been working on disposing old equipment, furnitures and other parts of our old venue. As disposing large waste items costs a lot of money, we had to cut them into small pieces so to save money. Some items that were still functional but not needed in our new venue are also sold online – if you hurry you can maybe still get some of them on our Yahoo Auction or Jimoti pages. As a result, the initial disposal cost estimated at 800,000 yen has been reduced to… 0 yen! During the whole relocation project, we make sure that we use our budget in the most efficient way we can – as this money is coming from our crowdfunding supporters.

Crowdfunding rewards: ready for shipment!

All the products – stickets, t-shirts, polo shirts, towels – have been delivered to us. We are now preparing the shipments, get ready to receive your rewards soon!

As for the other rewards (digital rewards or experiences), please stay tuned for more information! As most of these rewards require that we have reopened Bauhaus, they will start becoming available in December.

Stay in touch with us on YouTube

As we announced last week, you can join us every Friday night at 21:00 (Tokyo Time) for the premiere of a new music performance, in presence of Bauhaus staff members in the chat. Here’s our latest release, a backstage cover of Listen to the Music (Doobie Brothers) and It’s so easy (Sheryl Crow), by Yumi, Yuka, KJ, Tsubasa and Ren. You can check out the full series as a YouTube playlist here. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to not miss any of our new videos!

Thanks a lot for your continued support! We can’t wait to reopen and welcome you again. Until then, stay tuned on our social media, website and newsletter!