*Important Notice* Change in Opening Hours (from December 1, 2023)

Thank you, valued friends, for being the heartbeat of Bauhaus!

A year and a half has thundered by since Bauhaus rose from the shadows, powered by crowdfunding, triumphing over the challenges posed by the COVID- infection!

In this electrifying journey, your steadfast support has been our anthem, allowing the echoes of rock to resonate in our new haven.

We owe this triumph to each and every one of you. Rock on!

As the tumultuous waves of the infectious storm gradually subside, our stage has been graced by the footsteps of both local legends and international enthusiasts. The days of our venue pulsating with vibrant crowds have become more frequent, and our hearts are ablaze with gratitude.

Given the current flow of visitors, we’ve made a decision to adjust our opening hours starting December 1, 2023.

[Opening Hours from December 1, 2023]
Tuesday to Saturday, Open 19:00 / Close 01:00
(Stage time) 1st set 20:00, 2nd set 21:00, 3rd set 22:00, 4th set 23:10, Last set 24:20
*Note: The stage times may vary, but the energy is guaranteed to be through the roof!

For the details, check out the “BAUHAUS Business Schedule” to keep up with the beats, especially on days when the stage may be reserved for private events.

This is not just a schedule; it’s an invitation to join us in keeping the flame of rock alive! Your passion fuels our riffs, and your presence completes the melody. Thank you for being the cherished friends of Bauhaus!

No Rock, No Life!

Bauhaus Roppongi