New System – Interactive Livestreaming

Bauhaus live streaming just got better!

The Bauhaus live streaming is very particular about both sound quality and camera work.

Now we are pleased to announce the launch of our new service ”Interactive Livestreaming”!

What is ”Interactive Livestreaming”?

It solves the common problems of live broadcasts, such as “lack of realism” and “customers/performers can’t see each other’s faces”!

In the interactive livestreaming, your face is projected on the monitor above the stage, and you can talk directly with the performers on stage, just as if you were in the Bauhaus!
This is not a one-way broadcast from Bauhaus, but an interactive interaction from the viewers as well.
In other words, it will be possible to “reproduce the Bauhaus store as it is”, which has been difficult to do with live broadcasts up until now!

Even if you are too far away to visit Bauhaus, you will be able to enjoy the same experience as if you were in the Bauhaus.

You can enjoy the same feeling as if you were seating at Bauhaus:
 -Cheer for the performers on stage
 -Send song requests
 -Birthday, Farewell, and other ceremonies etc.

Ticket Info

Start from:Thursday 29th, September, 2022
Livestreming Date:Regular Bauhaus business days (Tuesday-Saturday) 18:00-24:00(JST)

Details on how to purchase tickets and view the show will be provided via email. If you are interested, please click the button below to contact us.