Reopening: work (still) in progress

Dear friends and supporters, it’s been a few weeks since our latest update. We have good news to share today: we have finally found our construction company, a decisive step towards the reopening of Bauhaus.

Our contractor steps on stage

As we already explained in previous posts, COVID-19 has made it more difficult than expected to find a construction company who would be available for our project and could realize our vision within the available budget. We are happy to announce that after weeks of search and negotiations, we have finally found our contractor! We are now updating the layout and technical specifications, including safety systems such as air conditioning, and we are moving forward.

Layout is set

Throughout the negotiation phase, we had to look at our desired layout again, and confirm what was feasible. You can see in the image here what we are now working on.

The ideas that were already suggested in previous posts, such as the substage that you can see on the upper right on the hall, are parts of the plan. We will be able to share more information with you on the final layout and technical features soon.

What’s next?

We’re now negotiating with the construction company about the schedule. We should be able to share with you soon an updated target date for the grand reopening of Bauhaus.

As we announced already, some of the construction work will be done by our own staff, to reduce costs and make sure we can respect the limits of our budget.

We will share photos of the next steps as soon as we can, keep an eye on Bauhaus social networks!

What about the music?

As you may have read on our social media, we unfortunately had to cancel our concerts in January and February, as new restrictions have been implemented by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government following the new wave of COVID-19 in Japan. We hope we’ll be able to resume our Renthaus Tour soon – stay tuned on our website and SNS for updates!

In the meantime, don’t forget that you can join us our YouTube channel for the premiere of a new music video, including exclusive unplugged versions of Bauhaus classics, songs that we never played before, and highlights of our past livestream shows.