Moving forward towards reopening in spring 2022

Dear friends and supporters, once again we have to apologize for the long silence since our previous update, six weeks ago. It’s been quite an intense period for us, and we would like to share today our progress towards the reopening of Bauhaus.

As we announced last time, our reopening target date was february 2022, however we’re afraid that we will need a bit more time to reopen in good conditions. We are now aiming for spring 2022.

What have we been doing over the last one month and a half?

The most significant step has been to finalize and confirm the interior layout of the new Bauhaus. However, the consultation of construction companies combined with COVID-19 related difficulties has so far not allowed us to find a contractant that could realize our vision in the budget that we have. We are still negotiating and searching for the best solution.

Picture from our crowdfunding campaign this summer

In the current layout, the floor would be gradually raised, from the stage (down) to the bar counter (up). This way, even if you’re in the back, drinking your beer at the bar, you would still have a great view on the stage. We would have fixed seats all around the main hall, in addition to mobile seats in the middle that we would be able to adjust depend on the events, number of reservations, etc. A corner of the main hall would have its floor raised above base floor level; we would use this corner either to offer alternative seating options (for example for special events), or as a sub-stage: we could use it to come and play crazy guitar solos from the back of the hall!

Please keep in mind that this is what we want to achieve, but we can’t guarantee yet that everything here will be doable within our budget.

As we announced during the crowdfunding campaign, we want to offer you a place where we can feel the same connection between the band and the audience that we had during our years at Reine Building (left in 2018). We want to offer again this feeling of intimacy, that we had a bit lost at Imperial Building (2018-2021).

We also spent a bit of time choosing and ordering various technical items and equipment, for the kitchen and the air-conditioning system for instance, as well as negotiating with the building owner to find the best solution for soundproofing our venue in a cost-efficient way.

So, what are the next steps?

As we wrote above, we’re now updating our schedule towards reopening in spring 2022. We hope we can share a more precise estimate of our reopening date soon. As we announced in a previous update, the COVID-19 situation still makes it a bit challenging to find construction companies at reasonable costs (we’re one week behind our schedule on this), but we’re currently working on this as a priority.

In order to keep construction costs as low as possible, we will also do a part of it in the good old Bauhaus way: DIY style, using the design and construction skills of our amazing staff (while making sure they keep all their fingers to play the guitar for you when we reopen)!

And in the meantime, we’re also very happy to have reconnected with many of you through our Bauhaus Renthaus Gigs at Roppongi Shinsekai and Crocodile Harajuku. If you’re in Tokyo, don’t miss our next shows, including our first 2022 performance on 7th January at Crocodile Harajuku! And if you can’t join physically, you can also find us on YouTube for a new video every Friday evening.

Until our next relocation update, we wish you a happy holiday season!