Many thanks for your support!

Dear supporters,

Our crowdfunding campaign to save Bauhaus started on 26th June and successfully ended on 14th August. In total, your support amounts to 30,389,000 yen, from 599 supporters.

Throughout the 6 weeks of this campaign, we could feel your attachment to Bauhaus, its history, and its future. We have no word strong enough to express our gratitude.

This campaign was the first step of the rebirth of Bauhaus, after a long closure caused by the pandemic. Now, thanks to the collected funds, we will start building the new place where rock music will shine again, and where we will welcome you for many more years. All the money collected through the campaign will go towards this goal.

As promised, we will also offer you exclusive rewards that we are now going to produce and ship.

We need your name, and maybe your shipping address

All supporters will have their name published on a special page on our website. All supporters at level 3 and above (4000 yen or more) are entitled to receiving physical rewards (stickers, t-shirt, etc. depending on your support level). All supporters from level 10 and above (except 12) are entitled to a metal nameplate on Bauhaus wall.

The form to submit your personal information to us is available on the Campfire page (only for supporters – please log in to Campfire using your login and password). Deadline to submit your information is 31st August.

Our relocation and reopening schedule 

We are now moving forward with the relocation work and construction of the interior of our new venue. Our objective is to be able to reopen around November 2021. Most of the construction work will be done by ourselves, in line with the budget that has been collected.

We will post updates on the relocation and construction process on our official social media and on our website. We also plan to stay present on YouTube with more livestream videos. Please stay connected with us through these various channels until we reopen!

Additional information about experience rewards (non-physical rewards)

  • Thank you e-card (all support levels): we will send it to you upon confirmation that your personal information has been received through the form.
  • E-ticket for exclusive livestream show from the new Bauhaus (support levels 2 and above): you will receive it by email when the date for this event is decided (around our reopening date).
  • A rose from you to Bauhaus (support levels 2 and above): Roses will be displayed when the new Bauhaus opens.
  • Pre-opening event (support level 8 “The Boys Are Back in Town”): you will receive your invitation by email when the date is set. The event will be a few days before our public reopening.
  • Entry ticket for new Bauhaus incl. 2 drinks (support level 5 “Rock and Roll All Nite”): you will receive an email with the details when ready, before our reopening.
  • Free access pass to Bauhaus on Mon/Tue/Wed for 3 months (support level 9 “Freebird”): we will contact you by email with the details before our reopening.
  • Your metal nameplate on the Bauhaus wall (support level 10 “Wonderwall”) : The size is 120mm x 40mm. It will be displayed at the new Bauhaus. The characters must be within 18 characters in hiragana, katakana, kanji, and alphabet. The letters must be capitalized.
  • Champagne Party for 2 (support level 11 “Whole Lotta Love” and level 15 “Livin’ On A Prayer”): we will contact you by email with the details when we are ready to reopen.
  • Stage rental / Private party  (support level 12 “More Than a Feeling): we will contact you by email with the details when Bauhaus is ready to schedule private parties / stage rental again.
  • Backstage & Staff experience (support level 13 “A Day in the Life” and level 15 “Livin’ On A Prayer”): we will contact you by email with the details when we are ready to reopen.
  • Rock lessons & Music video (support level 14 “Smells Like Teen Spirit”): we will contact you directly by email.
  • Lifetime Free Pass & Bandmaster Experience (support level 15 “Nothing Else Matters”): we will contact you directly by email.

Our new address

Last but not least, we are happy to unveil today our new address! Bauhaus will now rock at Urban Building B1, 7-13-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Google Maps). It’s a very accessible place, across the street from Tokyo Midtown and in front of the exit of Roppongi Station. We will share more information about how to come to us shortly before reopening, keep an eye on our website and social media!

We will now do our best to reopen as soon as we can, while making sure we build the best Bauhaus we can, with the budget that we have received from you. Until then, please take good care of yourself.

No Rock, No Life !