How to go to the new Bauhaus from Roppongi Station?

Don’t get lost on your way to the new Bauhaus!

From Roppongi Station, take Exit #3. The new Bauhaus is only a few minutes from the station, and only 200 meters from the old Bauhaus.

Our new address is:

Rock Bar Bauhaus Roppongi
ロックバー 六本木バウハウス
〒106-0032 Tokyo Minato-ku
Imperial Bldg. B1, 5-16-5 Roppongi

Option 1: Use Google Maps

Here’s our new location on Google Maps :

Option 2: Use our fancy simplified map!

Showing our old location (purple star) and our new location (red star).

Option 3: follow our photo guide!

When you get out the station, go right, then right again on Gaien Higashi Street (towards Tokyo Tower).


Keep walking.

After a large, closed building (soon to be demolished), you will see on your right the entrance of “FORUM”, a building complex in which the new Bauhaus is located. Walk towards the entrance of FORUM.

Get into FORUM, and walk down the stairs (towards the three metallic palmtrees).

Here you are! Look for black and red to find your new Bauhaus!

Option 4: Follow our video guide

Option 5: Follow the power of rock

Forget about all the instructions. Close your eyes. Feel the call of rock. Follow the call. Walk. Open your eyes. You are at Bauhaus.