Rugby World Cup Japan 2019: Special event and offer for rugby fans at Rock Bar Bauhaus

Rugby fans from all over the world, welcome to Japan! We hope you will enjoy the matches of your favorite team, from Kumamoto Stadium in the south to Sapporo Dome in the north of Japan. During your stay, please visit Bauhaus in Tokyo Roppongi – the number one live rock bar in Japan, since 1981. We will welcome you with the best live rock music hits from the 70s to 2000s. We prepared a special program for rugby fans, including a unique Power Rock Night on the day before the very first match of the world cup, and the “After Match Rock Function”, an exclusive discount for visitors showing a rugby match ticket during the whole duration of the world cup. More details below. For those about to enjoy rugby, we salute you with rock’n’roll!

Fans de rugby du monde entier, soyez les bienvenus au Japon ! Nous espérons que vous apprécierez les matches de votre équipe préférée, du stade de Kumamoto dans le sud du Japon, au Sapporo Dome dans le nord. Profitez de votre séjour au Japon pour rendre visite au Bauhaus dans le quartier de Roppongi à Tokyo. Ouvert en 1981, le Bauhaus est le bar rock live numéro un au Japon. Nous vous accueillerons avec le meilleur du rock des années 70 à 2000. Nous avons préparé un programme spécial pour la coupe du monde de rugby, avec une soirée unique “Power Rock Night” la veille du tout premier match, et pendant toute la durée de la coupe du monde, une offre spéciale “Troisième mi-temps rock” – une réduction exclusive pour les visiteurs munis d’un ticket de match. Plus d’infos ci-dessous.

Copa del Mundo de Rubgy Japón 2019: Evento especial para aficionados del rubgy en el Rock Bar Bauhaus!! Aficionados del rugby de todo el mundo, !bienvenidos a Japón! Esperamos que disfruten de los encuentros de su equipo favorito, del estadio de Kumamoto al sur de Japón al Sapporo Dome en el norte. Durante su estancia en Japón, no dejen de venir a conocer el Bauhaus Roppongi, en Tokio – número uno de rock en vivo en Japón, desde 1981. Les recibiremos con el mejor rock de los 70 a los 2000. Hemos preparado un programa especial para aficionados del rugby: una velada “Power Rock Night” en la víspera del primer partido del mundial, y durante toda la competición, una oferta especial “Tercer Tiempo de Rock”, un descuento exclusivo para quienes presenten su entrada a cualquiera de los partidos. Para más información, aquí debajo.

Fans del Rugby di tutto il mondo, vi diamo il benvenuto! Speriamo che avete piacere a seguire le partite della vostra squadra preferita, dallo Stadio di Kumamoto in sud del Sapporo Dome al nord del Giappone. Durante il vostro soggiorno, vi consigliamo di visitare Bauhaus di Tokyo Roppongi – dal 1981 il numero uno dei bar live rock del Giappone. Vi daremo il benvenuto con i migliori concerti live rock con le Hits degli anni 70 ai 2000. Abbiamo preparato un programna per i rugby fans, che includono la “Power Rock Night” al giorno prima della primissima partita dei campionati mondiali, ed un “After Match Rock Function”, uno sconto esclusivo ai visitatori, mostrando il ticket delle partite durante l’intera durata dei campionati. Per ulteriori informazioni leggete qui sotto. E a tutti amanti del rugby vi salutiamo con un Rock’n’Roll.

バウハウスもラグビーワールドカップを記念して、初戦前夜の9月19日(木)、スペシャルイベント”Power Rock Night”を開催します!

About Bauhaus, the rock’n’roll hall of fame live in Tokyo

Since 1981, rock bar and livehouse Bauhaus has been pumping the power of rock right into the heart of Roppongi, the vibrant nightlife district of Tokyo, Japan. Year after year, the Bauhaus Band has been keeping the spirit alive, performing every night the greatest heavy metal, hard rock and classic rock hits from the 70s to the 90s. Come in, have a drink, and experience the live music of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Queen, Nirvana or Oasis!

Thursday 19th September: Special POWER ROCK NIGHT to kick-off the rugby world cup

On Thursday 19th September, the night before the very first match of Rugby World Cup 2019 (Japan-Russia on Friday 20th September), Bauhaus will host a special Power Rock Night. We will play our most powerful rock songs and stadium anthems, from AC/DC to Metallica, from Led Zeppelin to Queen, to send the power of rock to all twenty teams and their fans coming from all over the world!! For those about to play rugby, we salute you with rock’n’roll!!

And that’s not all! To thank rugby fans for visiting Japan and coming to enjoy live rock at Bauhaus, we will offer the…

… After Match Rock Function!!

Rugby fans showing a rugby match ticket at Bauhaus entrance will get two free drinks with a snack, during all Rugby World Cup. This includes our special pre-kickoff Power Rock Night on Thursday 19th September.

Discount for foreign tourists

Even if you don’t have a rugby ticket, if you’re a foreign visitor in Japan, don’t forget that Bauhaus offers discounted prices upon showing your tourist visa (800 yen discount from Monday to Wednesday, 300 yen discount from Thursday to Saturday).

Private parties !

You’re in Japan with a lot of friends during rugby world cup? You want to celebrate victories of your favorite team? Please contact us, we have plans to host private parties, including live rock music and various drink ticketing systems.