Bauhaus Summer Rock Matsuri 2022

Good news number one: Bauhaus annual events are finally coming back, after two years of interruption.

Good news number two: the first of them, our Summer Rock Matsuri, is very soon!

We organized the very first edition of this new event at the end of summer 2019 – you can see the photos here. Six months later, the pandemic forced us to close our doors for two years. No summer rock matsuri in 2020. No summer rock matsuri in 2021.

But this is over: we took our yukata and jinbei out from our closets, we changed the strings of our shamisen, we cleaned our yakisoba cooking plates, and we’re now ready to serve you our unique mix of Japanese summer festival traditions and the over-the-top rock’n’roll action of Bauhaus!

Join us on Thursday 22nd or Saturday 24th September to celebrate the end of a very hot summer, and the long-awaited return of Bauhaus special annual events. Guests wearing a yukata or jinbei will receive 1 more drink!

Event details

  • Date: Thursday 22nd September and Saturday 24th September
  • Time: Open 18:00 | Start 19:00 | End 00:00
  • Price: 3,900yen (Inc. 1drink)
  • Guests wearing a matsuri outfit (yukata, jinbei, etc.) will get 1 more drink!