1. 下記の注意事項をご覧の上、御予約をお願いいたします。

 Please read our reservation rules

・ご予約前に下記のスケジュールをご確認ください。  貸切イベント中の時間帯はご予約を承る事が致しかねます。






・ 御予約されたお時間から30分以上遅れる場合にはご連絡下さいます様お願い申し上げます。


・Reservations can not be accepted on slots scheduled for private parties (please check schedule below)
・Reservations can not be accepted more than 45 days in advance.
・Reservations can not be accepted after 21:00 on Thursday , Friday and Saturday.
・Same day reservation is possible until noon.
・Your reservation will be confirmed when you receive an email from Bauhaus.
・Please contact us if you arrive more than 30 minutes late, otherwise your reservation will be canceled.

2. スケジュール

 Have a look at the schedule

< February 2019 >
        1 2 3ClosedClosed
4 5 6 7 8 9 10ClosedClosed
11ClosedClosed 12 13 14Valentine's Day Special: "Sweet, Bitter & Spicy" Rock Nit
Valentine's Day Special: "Sweet, Bitter & Spicy" Rock Nit
15----Private Party----From21:00 Regular business(通常営業)----Private Party----From21:00 Regular business(通常営業) 16----Private Party----From20:00 Regular business(通常営業)----Private Party----From20:00 Regular business(通常営業) 17ClosedClosed
18 19 20 21 22 23Tatsuhiko's Birthday Party (OPEN)
19:00 - 01:00
Tatsuhiko's Birthday Party (OPEN)Time: 19:00 - 01:00
25 26 27 28      


 Submit your reservation request



If you’d like to make a reservation for a special event (birthday, farewell party…), please use the Celebration reservation formIf you’d like to book Bauhaus for a private party, please use the Private party reservation form.