Customized Labeled Bottle for Celebration(Jack Daniels)


Special Bottle for Celebration (Jack Daniels)

At first sight, this looks like a regular Jack Daniels label – but it actually has your name and birthday printed on it.

We can also make special labels for farewell parties and any other celebration. Just let us know in the form that you will receive after purchase.

Offer this unique gift to a friend or to yourself!

  • After purchase, we will send you the coupon number by e-mail. Please bring the number and give it to a member of Bauhaus staff when you visit Bauhaus. It will be exchanged for the special bottle. Staff can also keep it as a surprise and bring it to the celebrated guest during the evening.
  • Please note that we can not ship the actual bottle. You need to get it at Bauhaus.
  • After receiving the bottle, you can of course take it back with you. We can also keep it for you for 3 months thanks to our free bottle keep service (ask Bauhaus staff about it).