Bauhaus stays open!!

To fans of rock’n’roll in Japan and around the world…

The world is currently under tension because of the influence of coronavirus. Everywhere on TV, newspapers, social networks, news are rotating, day after day, making the situation look more and more out of control. It’s true that this virus is making some victims, of course. But we also think that life needs to go on. And that people need to keep entertaining themselves.

There’s been some debate recently about the cancellation or continuation of events gathering people, such as concerts. Opinions are divided. Some artists decided to cancel their shows, others decided to maintain them. At Bauhaus, we are committed to “sanitizing the world with music”. Since 1981, as the rock’n’roll hall of fame live in Tokyo Roppongi, Bauhaus has been providing the best of live rock performance every night. The show must go on. The show will go on. Bauhaus keeps on rocking during the virus panic outbreak. We will of course make sure to provide our customer with a safe and clean environment, with the following rules and actions described below.

  1. When entering Bauhaus, please be sure to disinfect your hands with the alcohol installed at the entrance (don’t drink it – and don’t worry, we have plenty more alcohol for you to drink, inside Bauhaus).
  2. All vents and exhaust outlets in the venue are open to maximize natural ventilation. You may feel colder than usual, due to outside air, depending on your seat location. In you’re not comfortable with the temperature, please feel free to speak to the staff.
  3. Handshakes and other physical contacts for greetings will be limited to fist-bumps until the situation is over.
  4. We will use alcohol inside the venue to clean tables. Alcohol spray bottlers are available on each table, please feel free to use it to regularly clean your hands (but again, don’t drink it – please come to the bar for this…)
  5. If you show any symptoms (coughing, visible poor physical condition…), we may refuse admission.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.