BauTube Support -BauTube お問合せページ-

Please use the following methods of contact if you need support for BauTube, our livestream service. You can contact us in English and Japanese. Before contacting us, try to have a look at our FAQ, as you may find your reply there.



How to contact Bautube support




By email – At any time

We provide email support to assist you with you e-ticket purchase, access to the livestream, and other general questions about BauTube.

If you have purchased a ticket, please include the reference of your purchase in your message (order number, name, date…).



By live chat – During livestreams

We provide live support by Facebook Messenger during the livestream (from the opening time indicated on your ticket). Replies are generally faster than by email. You need a Facebook account to use this.

よくあるご質問 | FAQ

【eチケットの場所について】”I don’t know where my e-ticket is”

チケットご購入後の配信メール【タイトル:Rock bar BAUHAUSの注文が完了しました】に視聴用ページのURLを記載しておりますため、メール=eチケット、という形になります。送信元アドレスは [email protected] です。

Your e-ticket is the email that you have received from Bauhaus after having paid your order. The email title is “Your Rock Bar BAUHAUS order is now complete”. In this message, you can find the link to the livestream. If you can’t find your email, please contact us using the methods indicated at the top of this page.

【ライブ視聴方法がわからない】“I don’t know how to join the livestream”


To join the livestream, follow the instructions found on your e-ticket (email of “Your Rock Bar BAUHAUS order is now complete”).

【ライブ中に画面が止まってしまって動かない】”The video has stopped in the middle of the show and it’s not coming back”

配信トラブル発生時には、Facebook Twitter にて状況をお伝えいたします。トラブル改善に時間を要する場合は、お客様あてにメールでご案内させていただく予定です。サポートへのお問合せ送信の前に、SNS情報を確認していただきますようお願いいたします。

In case of major issue affecting all customers, we will post an update on Facebook and Twitter. If the issue takes time to be fixed, we will also inform all customers by email. Please check these channels before contacting live support.

【YouTubeのチャット機能を使いたい】I want to use the live chat on YouTube



  1. まずはYouTubeアカウントを作成(Google/Gmailアカウントをお持ちの方は、それがYouTubeアカウントとなります)
  2. YouTubeログイン後にBauTubeに接続すれば、画面右側にチャット画面が表示されます

※全画面表示にするとチャット画面は見えなくなってしまいますが、Google Chromeの拡張機能を使用すれば、全画面表示でもチャットを表示することが可能です。ぜひお試しください!


  1. YouTubeアプリをダウンロード(iPhoneの場合:Apple Storeでダウンロード , Androidの場合:Google Playstoreでダウンロード
  2. YouTubeアカウントにログイン
  3. eチケットの案内に沿ってBauTubeに接続
  4. 一旦画面を閉じて、YouTubeアプリを立ち上げる
  5. 「視聴履歴」からBauTubeを観ると、チャット参加が可能になります


  1. eチケットの案内に沿って、お持ちのパソコンかスマートフォンでBauTubeに接続
  2. TVのYouTubeアプリを立ち上げる
  3. 「視聴履歴」からBauTubeを観ると、TV画面でBauTubeが表示される
  4. TV画面上の設定ボタンを押して「チャット表示」を選択すると、画面上にチャットが表示されます(チャットを書く場合はPCかスマートフォンを使用してください)

The way to activate the livechat on YouTube depends on what device you are using. We can not offer detailed guidance for all possible situations, but here are some general instructions:

  • On computer: you need a YouTube account (if you have a Google/Gmail account, it’s your YouTube account). If you join the livestream when logged with your YouTube account, the livechat is activated by default, you can see it in a panel on the right of the video. If you switch to fullscreen video, the livechat disappears. However, depending on the browser you use, you may install a plugin to display the livechat in overlay over the video (example: plugin for Google Chrome).
  • On smartphone: livechat on smartphone is available only if you use the YouTube app. If you watch YouTube in your internet browser, you can not see the livechat. The YouTube app is free, you can install it using the following links: iPhone: download YouTube App from Apple App Store – Android: download YouTube App from Google Playstore.
  • If you have the YouTube App on your TV, you can activate the livechat on your TV screen by navigating in the options using your remote controller when the video has started. To send messages, we recommend that you also have the livestream opened on a smartphone or computer, and write your messages from there.

【バンドメンバーにチップを贈りたい】”I want to send tips to Bauhaus Band”

ありがとうございます!! こちらのサイト:BauTube チップ送金用ページ から送金可能です。




Would you like to support Bauhaus a little bit more? Thank you so so much!

Feel free to access BauTube Tips – Rock Bar BAUHAUS, for sending your tip at any amount using the options on the page.

You can combine them to choose your amount.

*You can also send your message to band members, by writing some comments when you purchasing tips 🙂

【ビール飲みたい】”I need a beer”


Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this right now.