Thank you for coming “Bauhaus Summer Rock Festival 2022”!

The first event after the relocation, “Bauhaus Summer Rock Matsuri 2022” was held on Thursday, September 22 and Saturday, September 24!
Despite the bad weather☔, many people came to the event and enjoyed the new challenges of Bauhaus, such as decorations inspired by summer festival stalls, staff in yukata (summer kimono), and the use of the sub stage for the first time since the relocation!

I, Satsuki, a publicist (and apprentice bassist?) who participated in the event as a staff member for the first time, will report on the event!

The leftmost is me, Satsuki👘


Bauhaus’ first summer festival event in 3 years! Outline of “Bauhaus Summer Rock Matsuri 2022

As you know, Bauhaus was closed due to the COVID-19 disaster and was able to overcome the crisis of closing with the support of crowdfunding, and all of you!
After three years of not being able to hold an event, we could do the “Bauhaus Summer Rock Matsuri 2022” as our first event since reopening!

Since it is a “summer festival🍉,” we had originally planned to hold it earlier in the year… but since the spread of the new coronavirus infection was still continuing in August, we decided to hold the Matsuri at the end of September, although it was a little late.
Unfortunately, a typhoon hit both days of the event and it was pouring ⚡☔

But once inside Bauhaus, it’s all festival mode! And despite the bad weather, many people came dressed in yukata and jinbei! 👘♡

Staff members, who usually wear T-shirts and rock outfits, were welcomed in yukata on this day!

Let’s take a quick peek at the inside!

BAUHAUS is in festival mode!

On the second day of the event, we set up special sudare (bamboo screens) on both sides of the stage!

We sewed a special logo on the sudare. New drummers Fuzzy and Mirko also worked hard on the logo!
“炉剣楼 (=Rokkenro)” is written by combining kanji characters so that it can be read as “Rock’n Roll” !

Red lanterns are also added to the lighting to further enhance the atmosphere.

Bar counter transformed into a food stall (Yatai)✨

The bar counter has been transformed into a food stall! (DIY by bass vocalist KJ, like Bauhaus, of course 👷)

Vocalist and kitchen staff Sakae’s special salt yakisoba noodles, Neapolitan, minti cutlets burger, yakiniku rice burger, and other special dishes that are different from the usual Bauhaus menu.
All food items were delicious and very popular with the guests.

By the way, many people are actually surprised at how good the food and wine at Bauhaus are! The food is selected by Sakae and the wine by Tomo. Please visit Bauhaus and see for yourself!

Energy explosive stage performance!

Vocalists for the first day were Rain, Dave, and KJ!
The audience went wild as the stage exploded with more energy than usual!

The four guitarists, Ryosuke, Tsubasa, Ren, and Fuku-chan, were superb, and their energetic performance, which did not make it difficult to move at all even in yukata, further raised the voltage in Bauhaus!

The 2nd day stage was more colorful✨

Vocalists for the second day were Dave, Yumi, Yuka, KJ, and Sakae!
The colorful yukata costumes added to the colorful atmosphere 👘.

The second day of the event (September 24) was the day before Sakae’s birthday, so a celebration stage was held!
The entire venue was filled with happiness as we celebrated with cake and champagne.
Sakae’s shouts were cool, and many people must have been absorbed in her charm once again.

First time performing on a sub-stage!

This space is usually used as party seat with sofas, but this time we used it as a “sub-stage!”

On the sub stage, acoustic performances included Maroon5/This Love, Sheryl Crow/It’s so easy, Doobie Brothers/Listen to the music, Rod Stewart/I am sailing, Queen/Love of my QUEEN/Love of my life, and other special songs that are not usually included in the song list.

Unlike the main stage, the sub-stage provided an even greater sense of unity with the floor.
The entire venue was immersed in the performance at such a distance that one could almost hear the audience’s breathing on the stage.

Hope you all enjoyed the new challenge of Bauhaus!

Next is…!

Real interaction between people, limited by the COVID-19 disaster.
A place where people can connect through rock music: Bauhaus has faced many adversities, but with the support of many people, we have been able to hold this event, “Bauhaus Summer Rock Matsuri 2022”.

We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all those who came to the event and all those who have always supported and encouraged Bauhaus.
Real events are great after all!

Our next event is one of Bauhaus’s biggest and most exciting events…! Yes, Halloween!

Looking forward to seeing you all on October 28th and 29th!!

Bonus Staff Photo

So many more photos that I couldn’t include in the report…, so let me share them as a bonus 🙂