State of emergency: Bauhaus temporarily closes again

Dear fans of rock,

In view of the recent spread of COVID-19 infection in Japan and the reissue of an order of state of emergency by the government, Bauhaus will be closed for a new period, at least until 7th March 2021. The safety of our customers and staff remains our priority. We will keep informing you through our website and Facebook page about the reopening date, after 7th March.

We are deeply sorry for this sudden decision, especially for our customers who had planned to visit us in the coming week and those who had purchased advance tickets. However, the government of Japan requested to “avoid non necessary and non urgent going out and take measures to contain the virus”. We sincerely apologize for this situation, and our inability to offer you new year greetings at our venue.

Thanks to your continued support over the decades, 2021 will mark the 40th anniversary of Bauhaus. We are of course sorry and disappointed that this special year begins on a sad note. However, we are confident that music can brighten the word. We hope that the day we can welcome you again with a big smile will be coming as soon as possible.

You can help!

While we are closed, we are happy to inform you that Bauhaus merchandising purchased in our online shop can now be shipped overseas. You can order our exclusive items, including our popular Bauhaus classic t-shirt, as well as new items such as hoodies, stickers and facemasks. Our online shop also offers a selection of discounted services that you can purchase to use at Bauhaus when we will reopen, such as advance tickets and drink coupons. We would be happy if you could have a look at our online shop.

You can also support Bauhaus by posting reviews on Google MapsFacebook or TripAdvisor, and by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Any support you can bring to us in these times is much appreciated.

Please take care of yourselves. We look forward to seeing you again at Bauhaus soon!


Also Bauhaus will be closed, our staff is now looking for ideas of activities that could be proposed under the state of emergency, as it is possible to remain open until 8:00pm. No decision has been made. Any suggestions from you about this would be appreciated. Please feel free to send your ideas to [email protected].